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Digital Creator & User Experience Designer

Unlock the full potential of your online presence
with a custom-designed user experience.

Hi, I’m Mikdam

and I will be with you in this journey

Lakun Simple Case Study - Mobile Application UIUX Design

Lakun Mobile Application Case Study

BalobaidCo Website Simple Case Study

BalobaidCo Website Case Study

iHello Website Case Study

iHello Website Case Study

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Empathic Design

A service that combines user research and empathy to create a user experience that truly resonates with the target audience.

Empathic Design ConsultingEmpathic Content StrategyEmpathic Accessibility AuditingEmpathic Design Workshops

Empathic User Research

Empathic Persona Development

Empathic User Journey Mapping



A service that uses game design principles to make website interactions more engaging and enjoyable.

Interactive Quests and ChallengesGamified OnboardingGamified Surveys and Feedback

Gamification Strategy

Game Mechanics Design

Gamified Community Building


Storytelling Design

A service that helps brands to tell their story through design, creating a journey for the user that is memorable, meaningful, and leaves a lasting impression.

Story-based Usability TestingVisual StorytellingEmotional DesignInteractive Storytelling

Narrative Strategy


Story-Driven Content Strategy

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